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Being a Catholic in this liberal minded time is not easy. I come from a Catholic family, raised and educated as Catholic. Growing up, I never thought seriously about what it is to be a Catholic. It just came naturally as eating or breathing. Now after so many changes and detours in my life, I finally took a hard look at my beliefs. My sister has cut her ties with the Church and is now a fervent follower of a new Christian ministry. Two friends have also stopped their ties and now call themselves a “freelancer”.  Another friend has married a man who has set up a Christian ministry himself and she has tried to entice me into joining their ministry. I, myself, am guilty of having been laxed with my religion. So many changes and events in my life led me astray from the Catholic path. But wonder of wonders, I still managed to raise and educate my two kids as Catholics. And I thank God for that. I think I would never forgive myself if I have failed to instill the Church teachings and values on my children. After so many soul searching, I have come to my senses on time and is now ready to take up my religion once again.  And I know and I am assured that now that my kids have a life of their own, they will be thankful for the Catholic upbringing. And I will continue praying that when each of them will have a family of their own, that they will in turn raise their kids as Catholics.