kerkThe holy mass today was special – it was to celebrate the Feast of the patron saints of our parish church – Saints Peter and Paul. The chuch was crowded more than usual – there were three choirs – men, women and children. The sermon was also longer than usual and the songs were varied than usual. But what struck me most was the significance of this feast. This is a reminder of our Lord Jesus’ foundation of his Church on earth. He told us to have faith because He will always be with us in spirit until His second coming. I needed this reminder; we all need this reminder in these times of liberalism and secularism.

When you read news relating to Pope Francis and the Catholic Church you will always be confronted with hateful comments and slanders against the Church. How can people condemn the Catholic church as the evil one, as the false church when this is the oldest, the first church that Christ has built through the saints Peter and Paul?

One time I ran into an article making fun of the Catholic church and the sacrament of the Eucharist. The author twisted everything about the truth to make the Church like a circus, an invention of a fool. I commented on his article to rectify some of his allegations but he denied my comment. So, I wrote my own article as rebuttal but the moderators denied it too and only published it after I made several changes. I am a Catholic, and I will always defend my faith.

God bless us all.