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sto. ninoHave you ever had someone or something that gives you a positive feeling and effect? It’s more psychological; a state of mind. And as long as you think positive, you also bring out positive energy. For me, my talisman came about out of faith. It is a small image of the Holy Child Jesus – Sto. Nino, which I bought during my first visit to the Philippines some twenty years ago. The Sto. Nino is the patron of Cebu City whose feast is celebrated in January. The original statue is permanently housed in an altar at the Minor Basilica of St. Nino. In my first visit to the Philippines, I bought a small replica of the image and placed it on top of the dashboard of my car. That was twenty years ago and five cars later, it still stands on top of the dashboard guiding my way on my every trip. After so many years of having been under the heat of the sun and the cold of winter, the image is now far from its original appearance: the lush velvet robe is now a pale pinkish color; the once golden inscription can now hardly be read; the scepter and the globe are gone; the crown is somewhat loose and out of shape and the once brown face has become greenish. But it still has its friendly, kind face and fetching smile.

Everytime I drive I always see His smiling face and I have that feeling that my Lord Jesus is there with me. I have had scary incidents with my cars. My first car was a second hand old model Suzuki when I had my first driver’s license. It was so old that it always got stuck and had to be towed away. Once my car got stuck in the middle of a busy highway on a severe winter evening. It was dark and snowing. I had to carefully find my way out of the car to search for one of those emergency roadside telephones. It was a miracle that my car remained safe while standing there in the middle of the highway. My second car was a second hand Kia. It was with this car that I met a severe car accident. A truck hit the side of my car where my two young kids were sitting. The car was a total wreck; my kids and I were in shock. But thank God, we escaped injuries. The positive of it was I got a brand new car of the same model from the insurance. Fourth car, a Fiat, suffered vandalism together with other cars who were also parked in the same garage where I parked my car. All the windows were smashed but nothing was stolen from my car. Now my Sto. Nino is perched on top of the dashboard of my new car, a new model silver grey Kia Picanto.

I thank the Lord for watching me through all these years. I shall always cherish this image of the Holy Child Jesus – the Sto. Nino.